Our Team

Team Denmark:
Top from left
Brian Mansgaard. FWD (Team Owner)
Daniel Munk. S4
Rene Kok. FWD
Søren Boy. S4
Mikael Nielsen. S4
botton from left
Danny Mansgaard. S4
Kevin Nielsen. S4 (our new hope as no.1)
Christian Lehm. F1

New Malaysian Team Driver - Dino Sidhu

Welcome Danny Mansgaard to our team!

Welcome Chanwoo to out team!

Welcome, Rafa Ortiz, to our team!

Robert Klier, Germany

Michael Häuptli, Swisses

From left to right: T.O.P. Team Driver Modif. José Figueiredo,
Carlos Costa, Manuel Malta T.O.P. Team Driver Stock Rui d Almeida,
Luis Correira and Correia Jr.

Steven Weiss, Philip Tschupp,ETS 2013 Traiskirchen, Austria


Soeren Boy Holst from Denmark

Team Spain
Up: albert liesa, jesus grille, esteban, juan angel costas, fran agullo, rafa Ortiz, david lara, dani, Gonzalo gomez, Jaime de esteban
Down : jesus Osorio, david bustos, mario perez , isaias de pablo


Philip Tschupp from T.O.P. Racing Switzerland

Steven Weiss and EJ Evans having development meeting in Hong Kong

Steven Weiss and Sascha Speck at German SummerChamps 2012


Wang Hai Feng and the Australian/Asian Team at TITC 2013


our new T.O.P. / RC PBM team driver Hadien Comtat from France. Hadien has recently signed on to be our official team driver for the T.O.P. Photon EX. He's also been the French distributor, RC PBM's official team driver.

David Bustos


José Figueiredo, T.O.P. Racing team driver from Portugal

Dimitris Mitropoulos, T.O.P. Racing Team Greece

Roman Pichler, T.O.P. Racing Team Switzerland

Wang Hai Feng, Joins T.O.P. Racing

Robert Krens, T.O.P. Racing Benelux