40T Gear Diff. Case & New O-ring Set
Gear Diff. O-Ring Set (Large 3pcs & Small 6pcs)

T.O.P. Sabre S4 Improved Gear Differential Housing Set / Improved Diff. O-Ring Replacement Set.

These improved spare parts, including the gear differential housing and o-rings further minimise oil leakage and increase operational efficiency of the gear differential of Sabre S4.

S4 - Steering Post Mount
S4 Optional 7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy Main Chassis
This optional main chassis is designed specifically for very high traction track surfaces, especially on carpet tracks, when chassis stiffness is important for stability and high response cornering. This chassis is proven to get you ready for the indoor season.
Instant Glue (1 pc)
After years of research and experimentation, we have come up with our latest instant glue formula, specifically designed for rubber tire racing. It is now put into production, so R/C car enthusiasts can also use this formula that has been used for our pre-mounted Solaris spec./controlled tires.
Suspension Mount Separate +/-0.5 (1pair)
For Sabre S4
The new Separate Suspension Mount with Offset is a new setup option for T.O.P. Sabre S4. It gives more freedom in suspension width and toe adjustments for both front and rear of the car.
S4 Main Chassis - Soft
PO-PDT001 : Low Friction Brlt 189 - 63T
PO-PDT013 : Low Friction Brlt 192 - 64T
PO-PDT014 : Low Friction Belt 513 -171T
PO-PDT002 : Low Friction Belt 516 -172T
PO-PDT012 : Low Friction Belt 519 -173T
Low Friction Belt Rear
Low Friction Belt Front

The optional front and rear low friction belts are now available for T.O.P. Sabre S4. This white material is softer and smoother, and it minimizes frictional and rotational loading to the drivetrain.

(Fit for Sbare S4 / Photon / BD7)

5.3 x 5mm 7075 Ball Stud
5.3 x 8mm 7075 Ball Stud

Optional 5.3mm 7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy Ball Studs

Weight saving has become more important with today's touring car race regulations. We have developed the high precision 5.3mm 7075-T6 aluminium alloy ball studs available in 5mm and 8mm length. They are strong yet lightweight and are specifically designed for the T.O.P. Racing's Photon/Sabre touring and mini touring car series.

Soft Top Deck for Sabre S4
Many prototype parts were designed and tested at TITC 2014 for its high speed and high traction condition. This particular top deck was one of the setup options that helped secure our A-Main position during the event. Therefore it was put into production right after TITC 2014 and is now officially released.

New Buggy Case and New Hauler Bag Configuration

Our new buggy case would fit with our hauler bag that contains four touring car case. This new case can be purchased alone or with our new hauler bag combination, containing two touring car case and a buggy case.

PA-CC0111 Buggy Case (1pc)
PA-FA0004 Buggy Case with hauler bag combination, containing two touring car case and a buggy case.

Solaris 12th Scale Foam Tires
The 12th Scale Foam Tire Series is our latest addition to the Solaris product line. Our tire sets, from the rim structure to the selection of material, are developed based on today's most demanding racing conditions.

S-FT12IF30 1/12 Foam Tire Indoor Front, Sh.30
1/12 Foam Tire Indoor Front, Sh.32
S-FT12IF35 1/12 Foam Tire Indoor Front, Sh.35
S-FT12IF37 1/12 Foam Tire Indoor Front, Sh.37
S-FT12IF40 1/12 Foam Tire Indoor Front, Sh.40
S-FT12XR25 1/12 Foam Tire Rear, Sh.25
1/12 Foam Tire Rear, Sh.30
S-FT12XR32 1/12 Foam Tire Rear, Sh.32
S-FT12XR35 1/12 Foam Tire Rear, Sh.35
S-FT12XR37 1/12 Foam Tire Rear, Sh.37


We proudly present the Solaris Magic Formula Tire Additive Series; the special formulas are co-developed by Solaris Racing Products and our Portugal team driver, José Figueiredo.

Magic Formula A (1 pc)
Magic Formula B (1 pc)
It is a rubber tire additive designed specifically for medium-to-high grip track condition combined with medium-to-high track temperatures. The active ingredients of Magic Formula A is activated by heat. Therefore, it works best in extreme temperatures. This formula improves traction after every application, and the effect extends to subsequent runs, so what you get is continuous improvement in tire performance and durability. It also acts as a tire conditioner; after multiple use, it prolongs the lifetime of rubber tires and prevent excessive graining and deterioration of tire surface. The maximum effect would last you the entire run without noticeable degradation in performance during the run. It only takes 2-3 drops maximum amount of additive per tire to get the most out of your tires, so it is extremely economical. When the grip condition gets a bit lower or the temperature gets a bit cooler, while Magic Formula A doesn't give you all you need, Magic Formula B would be most suited. The formula shares some characteristics of Magic Formula A; therefore it is also suitable for high grip and high temperature (the choice of using Formula A or B depends on other factors like asphalt characteristics, track layout, humidity and driving style). It is also well suited to all indoor racing surfaces (asphalt or carpet). This formula is easier to work with and will give you more initial grip as compared to Magic Formula A. It only takes 3-4 drops maximum amount of additive per tire to get the most out of your tires, so it is also very economical.
Optional Alloy Shock Spring Holder Ver. 2
for Photon and Sabre Series (4 pcs)
We have streamlined the design of our first optional alloy shock spring holder and make it lighter (under 4 gram for 4 pcs) yet strong enough for all applications. It gives the shocks a solid base support for any spring rates, as opposed to plastic spring holders that tend to flex unnoticeably, changing the preciseness of the effective spring constant of the desired car setup.
Optional Alloy Rear Hub
For Photon/Photon EX, Sabre FD/FD2
With extra suspension geometry options in mind, we have released the optional aluminium alloy rear hub (Version 2) for Photon/Photon EX and Sabre FD/FD2. The additional inner camber link mount hole gives you more agility during cornering and more grip out of the turn, which is an essential tuning option for some track conditions.
Double-Joint Universal (2 sets)
For Photon EX
After detailed testing, the long-waited Double-Joint Universal for Photon EX is finally released. This new optional universal helps minimise chattering and non-uniform rotational speed that are inherent from the conventional single-joint universals.
(cm) A B C D
M 48 49 67 20
L 52 54 72 21
XL 56 59 77 22
2XL 60 64 82 23
3XL 64 69 87 24
PX-TM0007 T.O.P. T-Shirt Medium Size
PX-TL0007 T.O.P. T-Shirt Large Size
PX-TXL007 T.O.P. T-Shirt X-Large Size
PX-T2XL07 T.O.P. T-Shirt XX-Large Size
PX-T3XL07 T.O.P. T-Shirt XXX-Large Size
for T.O.P. Racing Sabre FD2 / Tamiya FF03 & EQUIVALENTS

The front drive touring class is getting more popular these days. Most race regulations require realist scaled body shells that resemblance the real front drive cars. Most of these body shells in the market have higher heights at the rear end, especially for those hatch-back body shells. During cornering these body shells tend to be quite unstable relative to the car chassis, and this potentially degrades car performance. Therefore, a more rigid support for the body shell at the rear end becomes more essential. We have developed the body post mount plates for T.O.P. Racing Sabre FD2, Tamiya FF03 and equivalent. These mount plates are pre-installed with o-rings to further improve rigidity and impact resistance and thus cornering stability and speed.

The Rear Body Post Mount Plate is designed for T.O.P. Sabre FD2 when using body shells with a wider rear roof top (requires mounting the body posts at the outer mounting positions on the rear shock tower).

The Narrow Body Post Mount Plate is designed for Tamiya FF03/equivalent and also for T.O.P. Sabre FD2 when using body shells with a narrower rear roof top (requires mounting the body posts at the inner mounting positions on the rear shock tower).

Rear Body Post Mount Plate - Sabre FD2
Narrow Rear Body Post Mount Plate -
Sabre FD2 & Tamiya Touring Body

Optional Spur Gear Adaptor
for Sabre FD2
The Sabre FD2 was originally designed for 13.5T or 17.5T boosted racing. As non-boosted "blinky mode" racing has become popular, smaller spur gears are being used. A smaller spur gear adaptor has become more necessary. This new spur gear adaptor is good for spur gears larger than 76T 64P, but for spur gear with 86T 64P or larger, we still recommend the stock adaptor for better spur support.
Gamma Shock Spring (14 x 1.5 x 7)
274gf/mm (2 pcs)
Gamma Shock Spring (14 x 1.5 x 7.25) 260gf/mm (2 pcs)
Gamma Shock Spring (14 x 1.5 x 7.5) 248gf/mm (2 pcs)
We have been experimenting with suspension setups with today's popular spec. tires at various events. There is a need for relatively softer shock springs as reported by our team drivers worldwide. These springs give drivers a much wider setup window in terms of shock stiffness for all racing conditions for the Photon Series and Sabre FD/FD Mini Series.
Alloy One-Piece Hanging Servo Mount
for Photon EX
This alloy one-piece hanging servo mount eliminates uneven chassis flex characteristics and at the same time limit any servo position displacement and or rotation that may result from most ordinary hanging servo mounting mechanisms.
PA-FA44PK R/C Hauler Bag for FUTABA 4PK R/C Controller
µ-Pro Male Bullet Plugs (ø4mm)
µ-Pro Male Bullet Plugs (ø5mm)
With increasing power delivery from brushless motors and lithium polymer batteries, internal resistance of device-to-device interconnects and electrical contacts have become more critical parts for today's R/C car racing. µ-Pro has targeted the market needs and come out with the male bullet plugs and the "Super-12" AWG wire. The bullet plugs minimize contact resistance. They come in two sizes, with diameter ø4mm and ø5mm, respectively; these sizes work with the latest available lithium polymer batteries. The "Super-12" AWG wire has a higher current density capability than ordinary 12 AWG wires available in the market.

12AWG+ Plus Wire
Ultra High Current Density, 1M, Black

Sabre FD2 Optional Top Deck (narrow flex version)
We have released our narrow flex version top deck for the Sabre FD2 front wheel drive 1/10 EP touring car. This option would offer a more progressive flex as compared to the original top deck, giving the car a more aggressive steering response that may be demanded by some technical track layouts.
Photon EX Optional Top Deck (medium stiffness)
We have released our medium stiffness top deck for the Photon EX. Not only does it go between our standard top deck and the optional stiff top deck in terms of flex stiffness, but it also includes a center post so users could fine-tune the "flex leverage" of the chassis.
Optional Steering Crank Set
This is a new optional part for our Sabre FD Mini 1/10 Mini Touring Car Kit; the CNC-machined alloy steering crank would improve the steering response/precision and cornering stability of the original steering assembly.
Alloy Steering Crank (1pc)
Steering Post (1pc)
Lipo Safe Case
Photon EX - Optional Suspension Mount FR27
Photon EX - Optional Suspension Mount FR34
Photon EX - Optional Suspension Mount FR41
Photon EX - Optional Suspension Mount RF13
Photon EX - Optional Suspension Mount RF20
Photon EX - Optional Suspension Mount RF27
Photon EX - Optional Suspension Mount RF34
Photon EX - Optional Suspension Mount FF/RR 27
Photon EX - Optional Suspension Mount FF/RR 34
Photon EX - Optional Suspension Mount FF/RR 41
Photon EX - Optional Suspension Mount FF/RR 48
Photon EX - Optional Suspension Mount FF/RR 55
Photon EX - Optional Suspension Mount FF/RR 62
Photon EX - Optional Suspension Mount FF/RR 69
Photon EX - Optional Suspension Mount FF/RR 76
Optional Suspension Mount Set - Photon EX

Photon EX - Optional Suspension Mount Ball (8pcs)


Photon EX - Optional Suspension Pin (4pcs)

Belt Tensioner (Gold) (1 set)
Photon Series Foam Bumper (Light Weight)
R/C Hauler Bag for Spektrum DX3R
Body Protect Sponge Pad, Black, (20pcs)
Front Stabilizer Bar Set 1.2mm (1 set)
For Sabre FD2
Stabilizer Bar Set 1.2mm (1 set)
For Sabre FD (Front/Rear)
For Sabre FD2 (Rear)
T.O.P. Jacket & Vest Medium Size (1set)
T.O.P. Jacket & Vest Large Size (1set)
T.O.P. Jacket & Vest X-Large Size (1set)
T.O.P. Jacket & Vest XX-Large Size (1set)
T.O.P. Jacket & Vest XXX-Large Size (1set)
Castor Block - 4 Ver.2 (1pair)
(For Photon EX)
Castor Block - 6 Ver.2 (1pair)
(For Photon EX)
Body Curved Scissors (1pc)
Rear Belt Black (1pc)
(Photon Series)
Front Belt Black
(Photon EX) (1pc)
The new optional black drive belt is softer than the standard Photon EX drive belts, for better rolling efficiency. With the same amount of fiber compared to the original drive belts, power handling capability of this new option is not sacrificed.
Low Friction Belt Rear (1 pc)
(Photon Series)
Low Friction Belt Front
(Photon EX) (1pc)
The new optional white belt further optimizes rolling efficiency and friction with a more flexible material; this new option is specifically designed for stock racing.
Steering Block & Rear Hub Ver.2 (each 1pc)
***Photon EX
The steering block is designed with improved ackermann positions, and the rear hub provides added roll center and camber gain adjustments.
Photon to PhotonEX Converson Kit
Optional Servo Mount (Ver.2) (2 pcs)
Front Arm Mount - Narrow (1 pc)
Rebel R-F01
Spur Gear 64P 92T
Rebel Series Optional Upper Arm Hinge Pin (2 sets)
This is an improved version of the original upper arm hinge pin. The e-clip further secures the pin from sliding out of the front suspension assembly.
R/C Hauler Bag for KO-EX-1 R/C Controller
R/C Hauler Bag for SANWA MT4 R/C Controller
R/C Hauler Bag for FUTABA 4PL R/C Controller
R/C Hauler Bag for SANWA M12 R/C Controller
PO-RFCH001 (2 pcs)
Rebel R-F01 - Optional Offset Front Axle
This setup option would give the Rebel R-F01 a different steering response that some users may prefer.
Photon EX - Optional Steering Post Mount Plate 1.5mm + 2.5mm (each 1 pc)
These are useful options for the Photon EX in the fine-tuning of chassis flex at the front end of the chassis, in order to achieve the user preferred steering response in different track conditions.
This setup option would give the Rebel R-F01 a different steering response that some users may prefer.
Photon EX - Option Servo Mount Set
This optional servo mount set would secure the servo only at the center line of the main chassis. This would optimize the left-right balance of the the chassis flex characteristics.
Alloy Damper Spring Holder ( For Photon & Sabre Series )
The advantage of this new aluminium cup is its rigidity, making the shock spring the only source of tension holding the car’s suspension resulting in a more precise setup and road feel.
Alloy Bearing Carrier B Set
( For Rebel F1) each 2 pcs
PO-PXSU001RD (8 pcs) / PO-PXSU002RD (2 pcs)
Aluminum Suspension Mount Insert
(For Photon EX)
Optional Alloy Camber Link Plate - 1.75 Offset (Red) (2pcs) (Photon EX Series)
This option allows driver to fine-tune camber link position and thus camber gain characteristics.
Aluminum Tie Rod Set (7pcs)
(Photon EX Series)
This strong lightweight option would be a must for those weight cautious drivers. It consists of 30mm tie rods (6 pcs) and 15mm tie rod (1 pc)
Steel Gear Diff Outdrive (2pcs)
(Photon Series)
Height Spacer Set 0.5 & 1.0mm Red
(Photon EX)

PT-CS102RD (Red) / PT-CS102BK (Black)
Car maintenance stand set

Gear Diff Set (Photon Series)
Photon EX
Gear Diff Set (Sabre FD Series)
100mm Al. Tie Rod Red (1 pc)
For Sabre FD Mini
15mm Al. Tie Rod Red (2 pcs)
For Sabre FD Mini
Optional Alloy Steering Hubs for Sabre FD Mini

1. More accurate and solid steering mechanism
2. Specifically designed for Sabre FD Mini's steering geometry
3. Heat Dissipation for intensive front drive application
4. Light weight
5. Fewer parts; easier maintenance.
6. Improved strength
Rebel 12 - Rear Left Hub Ver.2
Sabre FD Mini is HOT SALE NOW!!!
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Photon - Alloy Steering Block Ver.2 (2 pcs)
Version 2 alloy steering block. Featuring 3 new steering link mounting positions for extra Ackermann adjustments, the blocks have been optimised for today’s electric rubber tire touring car race regulations.
Spur Gear 64P 76T
Rebel - Option Motor Mount Set
Rebel - Option Motor Mount Plate
Rebel - Option Motor Mount
Rebel - Alloy Bearing Carrier A
Rebel - Optional Alloy Servo Mount
Rebel 12 - Optional Front Axle
Sabre FD - Optional Aluminium Steering Block
Photon - Optional Alloy Sevro Mount
Setup Tools
Tie-Rod Wrench 3.2mm ( Pan Car Series )
Drive Train
Photon - Optional one-piece Steel Thrust Bearing
( 2.6 x 6mm )
Ball Head Reamer
Ball Head Reamer for 4.7 - 5.0mm
Ball Head Reamer for 4.3mm
Height gauge & down stop gauge (Black/Red)