Instant Glue (1 pc)
After years of research and experimentation, we have come up with our latest instant glue formula, specifically designed for rubber tire racing. It is now put into production, so R/C car enthusiasts can also use this formula that has been used for our pre-mounted Solaris spec./controlled tires.

Solaris 12th Scale Foam Tires
The 12th Scale Foam Tire Series is our latest addition to the Solaris product line. Our tire sets, from the rim structure to the selection of material, are developed based on today's most demanding racing conditions.

S-FT12IF30 1/12 Foam Tire Indoor Front, Sh.30
1/12 Foam Tire Indoor Front, Sh.32
S-FT12IF35 1/12 Foam Tire Indoor Front, Sh.35
S-FT12IF37 1/12 Foam Tire Indoor Front, Sh.37
S-FT12IF40 1/12 Foam Tire Indoor Front, Sh.40
S-FT12XR25 1/12 Foam Tire Rear, Sh.25
1/12 Foam Tire Rear, Sh.30
S-FT12XR32 1/12 Foam Tire Rear, Sh.32
S-FT12XR35 1/12 Foam Tire Rear, Sh.35
S-FT12XR37 1/12 Foam Tire Rear, Sh.37
Magic Formula A (1 pc)
It is a rubber tire additive designed specifically for medium-to-high grip track condition combined with medium-to-high track temperatures. The active ingredients of Magic Formula A is activated by heat. Therefore, it works best in extreme temperatures. This formula improves traction after every application, and the effect extends to subsequent runs, so what you get is continuous improvement in tire performance and durability. It also acts as a tire conditioner; after multiple use, it prolongs the lifetime of rubber tires and prevent excessive graining and deterioration of tire surface. The maximum effect would last you the entire run without noticeable degradation in performance during the run. It only takes 2-3 drops maximum amount of additive per tire to get the most out of your tires, so it is extremely economical.
Magic Formula B (1 pc)
When the grip condition gets a bit lower or the temperature gets a bit cooler, while Magic Formula A doesn't give you all you need, Magic Formula B would be most suited. The formula shares some characteristics of Magic Formula A; therefore it is also suitable for high grip and high temperature (the choice of using Formula A or B depends on other factors like asphalt characteristics, track layout, humidity and driving style). It is also well suited to all indoor racing surfaces (asphalt or carpet). This formula is easier to work with and will give you more initial grip as compared to Magic Formula A. It only takes 3-4 drops maximum amount of additive per tire to get the most out of your tires, so it is also very economical.
Lipo Safe Case
S-TSM001R S-TSM001B Solaris T-Shirt Medium Size
S-TSL001R S-TSL001B Solaris T-Shirt Large Size
S-TSXL01R S-TSXL01B Solaris T-Shirt X-Large Size
S-TS2XL1R S-TS2XL1B Solaris T-Shirt XX-Large Size
S-TS3XL1R S-TS3XL1B Solaris T-Shirt XXX-Large Size
S-TS4XL1R S-TS4XL1B Solaris T-Shirt XXXX-Large Size
(cm) A B C D
M 48 49 67 20
L 52 54 72 21
XL 56 59 77 22
2XL 60 64 82 23
3XL 64 69 87 24
4XL 68 74 87 24
Mini Tire
Mini Tire Insert Firm (4 pcs)
Mini Tire Insert Medium (4 pcs)
Mini Tire Insert Soft (4 pcs)
Touring Tire
Touring Tire Insert Firm (4 pcs)
Touring Tire Insert Medium (4 pcs)
Touring Tire Insert Soft (4 pcs)
Touring Tire Lightweight Insert (4 pcs)
S-RTT000S / S-RTT000M / S-RTT000H
Touring Tire Solaris (Soft) (4 pcs)
Touring Tire Solaris (Medium) ( 4 pcs)
Touring Tire Solaris (Hard) ( 4pcs)
Touring Tire Solaris ( 4 pcs)
Touring Tire Solaris ( 4 pcs)
Touring Tire Solaris ( 4 pcs)
1/10 Mini Car Slick Tires - Soft (4 pcs)
1/10 Mini Car Slick Tires - Hard (4 pcs)
1/8 Buggy Tire - Bazooka (2 pcs)
Pattern : Bazooka (2 pcs)
1/8 Buggy Tire - Destro (Super Soft) (2 pcs)
Pattern : Destro (2 pcs)
1/8 Buggy Tire - Cobra (Soft) ( 2 pcs)



1/8 Buggy Tire Grooved Insert (Orange) (2 pcs)